Legal Services UK

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Will writing – Too many people do not have a will. Our research shows this is because people think that automatically all they own gets passed to their loved ones. This is not always the case. You have to make sure you are prepared
  • Probate – Make sure you have a qualified solicitor in situe. Ensure that your will is stored securely with them so when that time comes you know everything is in order
  • Lasting power of attorney – Unfortunately, some people get to a point in their lives that they are not legally sound of mind to be able to make wills, or make any legal decision regarding their possessions, estate and so on. It is very sad that we have to see these poor people not be able to have their most wished for wishes take fruition
  • Estate Planning and Living Trusts – There are lots of tax advantages that can be gained by creating trusts that get handed down throughout your family after your death. It also means that your estate can be protected in a very tax efficient way without the requirement for capital gains tax and the such.

Finally, our solicitors are also experts in property law from conveyancing all the way to tenancy agreements for residential and commercial properties. The United Kingdom, English and Welsh laws are particularly tricky and cumbersome so it is best to use a specialist with any of these scenarios.